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Action Force-Red Dusk Part 1 Search and Destroy
Frame 1:
Lettering: Saigon April the 30th 1975-Evacuation Day

a overcrowded bar lots of South Vietcong locals and Military police trying to hurry people on The North Vietcong are entering the city everyone is attempting to leave , Except The Korean Bartender wearing a bow tie and white tuxeudo ,A tough looking Australian complete with Aussie Hat and a huge blade in a back holster and the familiar hulking shape of a greying old warhorse Col Walter Mann  ,

Walter Mann:"Set them up Chong..One more for the road "

Frame 2 :
The Australian raises his beer glass to Walter,
Mick:(Anzac) "You know Colnel I've been here since 57  with the Frenchies maybe i'm crazy enough to miss this place"
Walter Mann:"Well Charlies going to arrive any minuite soon , if you want get reacquianted be my guest Mick"

Frame 3:

Chong behind bar is irritated by the music coming from outside  Bing Crosbys "White Christmas:

Chong:" Why do they keep playing that tune , third time today its not even Christmas"

Bing Crosby:(Via Intercom)" I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas  just like the ones I used to know"

Mick :"I think its our signal to leave "

Frame 4: The three men begin to leave the bar to the strains of Irvin Berlins festive classsic

Bing Crosby:"Where the Treetops Glisten and Children Listen to hear sleighbells in the snow"

Walter Mann: "Lunatic's arranged a rendezvous a few blocks from here lets move""

Frame 5: Out on the Saigon Streets the roads are cluttered with South Vietcong citizens soon to be refugees , Marines Journalists and stragglers everyone has the same idea  of leaving, the sooner the better.Walter gestures to his friends

Walter:"We'll never get to the Chopper on the main drag , I know a short cut hurry!"

Frame 6:

The three troopers leg it down a long alley way Mick clutchs onto his big hat as he does   Bing is still singing  through the tannoys

Bing Crosby:"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas , with every christmas card I write.. "

Mick:"Madness!Flamin' Madness!"

Page 2:
Frame 7:The three men continue to rush down the side street but something is blocking there way a jeep with two white helmeted  M.PS  (american Militrey Police) curiously wearing gasmasks

Chong:"White Mice!* what do they want?"

*Slang term for Police"

Frame 8: The M.PS are wearing gasmasks they are also wielding riot guns which fire gas canisters

MP: "Halt!"

Frame 9:

Mick, Mann and Chong are all taken by surprise as the two fire tear gas at them

Walter Mann:"Wha!!?"

Frame 10: The two cops lay into the weakend soldiers with night sticks making contact with there skulls Chong clutchs throat from the effects of the cs gas

Frame 11:
One of the MP's produces a walkie talkie still wearing gas mask he talks into it all three soldiers are now all knocked out

MP:"General we have them!"
General:(speech from walkie talkie)"Excellent I'll have my men collect them in 15 minutes"

Bing Crosby:And May all all your christmas be White!"

Page 3:
Frame 12:
USS Valiance making its journey across the China Sea

Sgt Moorcock:"Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!"

Frame 13: Colnel Mann recieves a buck of slop in the face from the handlebar moustached  marine Seargent(looks kind of like Chef in Apocalypse Now)

Walter Mann:bahh!"

Sgt Moorcock:"Better sharpen up Mann! General  Rosseau is paying you a visit

Frame 14:
Mann scowls at the Marine, he's outraged.

Walter Mann: "That's Colnel to you Seargent I'll have you busted down for this..."

Frame 15:
Walt turns around quickly as in shock .. General Rosseau has already crept up on him ..his shadow appears on wall
General Rosseau:"That may proove tricky Private Mann"
General Rosseau:"Seeing as you are still a wanted fugitive.. but I can change all that "
Frame 16: General Rosseau.. wearing a generals hat aviator shades , he models himself after MacArthur Manns stern face is reflected in his shades

Frame 17:Side view  of Rosseau  directing Moorcock and Mann towards his direction

General Rosseau:"If you gentlemen will just follow me.."

Frame 18: Mann, Moorcock and Rosseau  walk  along the decks of Aircraft carrier  Rosseau continues his dialogue.

General Rosseau:"We at Special Operations recognise your outstanding record Walter but we've also observed your renegade actions so these qualities will be needed one final mission.."

Page 4:
Frame 19:
Mann and Rosseau enter a breifing room with a map , other soldiers are present including Mick and Chong..

Mann:"The Wars over General our buisness with Charley is null and void "

General Rosseau:"It isn't The North Vietcong  that I'm concerned with  let me explain.."

Frame 20:

Rosseau:"My Apologies gentlemen I'm sure you are wondering why you are not heading your way  home right now but may I turn your atttention to events that over the last month in the tiny nation of Tawaichu.."

The General with wooden cane points to a map of Tawaichu

Frame 21: Mann, Chong, Mick , an American Paratrooper , A British Commando and a Helicopter pilot , all clearly resent Rosseau for pulling them away from getting back to there famillies grimace at Rosseau as he continues his brief.

General Rosseau:"Unusual events may I add ,the likes that have never occurred within that nation , it has been kept top secret as we do not want to be dragged into another war"

Frame 22:
General Rosseau points to projection on wall of some locals from Tawaichu going about there everyday business in the lily fields .

General Rosseau:"These pictures were taken by Tawaichu televison cameras we siezed them before they could get out to the world ..observe!"

Frame 23:

A red dot in the sky approachs a few of the locals have spotted it others carry on with there business

Frame 24: The Red dot now appears to form into the shape of a supersonic jet fighter (in fact a Raven as seen in Battle for the Skies story)
one local signals to it with with his arms others are more cautious as it rips through the skies.)

Page 5:
Frame 24: The Raven unleases missiles from beneath it's wings  now the locals are clearly worried and begin to run ..

Frame 25: The contents of the projectiles unlease their devastating effects liquid fire the targets become walking fire the fields are ablaze with Napalm ..

General Rosseau:"These scenes may look familiar but they were not authorised by U.S Forces just take a look at the planes markings"

Frame 26:"A freeze frame of Raven flying away from the devastation it created a Red Shadow logo is clearly visable "

General Rosseau:"The colour suggests the Soviets , but surely they wouldn't be so blantant , we don't even recognise the make of Aircraft "

Frame 27: The Generals audience look shocked by the events that unfolded on screen, all except Mann in his long years service nothing surprises him anymore  The US Paratrooper interjects

US Paratrooper(Codename Green Light):"Looks like the Jolly Roger Sir the markings"

Walter Mann: "Both Chong and I have seen that symbol before General  back in '53"
Frame 28:
mid shot of General by projecter (close up of The Enemy Symbol on plane)  and his 6 man audience
General Rosseau" Can you elaborate  Mann?"
Walter  Mann:"Well I could sir but like this mission it's classified information"

Frame 29:
Rosseau is fuming side view
Rosseau: "Don't get funny with me old man .. spit it out!"
Page 6:

Frame 30:
Mann and Chong among the crowd  Mann deadly serious as ever

Mann: "Lieutenant Kassells..ring any bells Chong?"

Chong"Sure The Barons Brigade!"

Frame 31: Close up of Rosseau both Chong and Mann reflected in his glasses
Mann: "Back in 1953 towards the end of The Korean War Chong and Myself were commissioned to track down a rogue squad of G.I's there last sighting was behind enemy lines durring The Battle of the Hook"

Frame 32:  
Lieutenant Kassells pointing a pistol, bearded and looking for all the life like a young Baron Ironblood to his immediate left another GI eyes covered by goggles browning machine gun blazing   to his right a Japanese/American Soldier with a rag tied around his head firing a Type 99 Machine gun other soldiers belonging to brigade are also attacking Chinese troops, what seperates them from your usual GI's is the colour of there uniforms all drenched in blood , blood on there helmets too as well as the familiar yet crudely drawn jolly roger within a triangle symbol (Proto Red Shadows .. kind of like Union Jack Jackson gone  bad ...)A big badass picture

Mann:"This Baron's Brigade had waged it's own private war against the North Korean and Chinese comitting war attrocities as they went along , Chong and I were asked by high command to bring back Kassells either dead or alive.

Frame 32:

Both Chong and Mann (younger more blonde than grey) in a trench along with some Duke of Wellington regiment engineers the trenchs are been heavilly mortared
The Chinese were bombing the Limeys day and night, If the Barons Brigade were out there they'd be doing us a favour

British Soldier: "Best of luck Captain glad we're in here and not out there"

Captain Mann:"Thank you son , hope you boy's can hold the fort until we get back"

Frame 33:"close up of Captain Mann and Chong as the climb up trench and venture into No-Mans land

Chong:"If rumours are to be believed about this Baron I'm glad I'm not Chinese"

Captain: "Well that S.O.B will be sorry he's American when I get my hands on him.."

Page  7:
Frame 32:
View through binoculars of  Chinese Gun emplacements

Lettering :A few hours later.

Chong: "I think I've found them Captain!"
Frame 33:
view from ground level A Chinese officer is on his knees with Kassell's Smith and Weston pressed to his temple , The young Baron has plans for him , around the cannons are the bodies of dead chinese from the earlier firefight, within view are other members of the Barons brigade some fixing explosives to the cannons
a speech bubble appears from a distance from a hill.
Captain Mann: "I count only six of them, they sure as hell took the guns though"

Frame 34:
Two of Kassell's comrades are strapping explosive devices to the Chinese Officer now. Lt Kassell's stands arms folded clearly in command.
Captain Mann:"What in the blazes are these devils up to?"
Frame 35:
The Chinese soldier with explosives strapped to him  runs from the Barons Brigade the blood soaked soldiers laugh as he does , they've let him go ,

Chong:"I'll get into position I don't like the look of this

Frame 36:
Further down the hill a chinese mortar team are in the process of shelling the British Trenchs in the distance the human bomb is running towards them.
Frame 37:
Closer the Chinese Officer approachs the mortar he's yelling and screaming  
Chinese Officer:"Get this off me Get this off me!"
Mortar Man: "Wha?"
Page 8
Frame 38:
A huge explosion as the human booby trap goes off the bomb timer has run out
Mortar Crew: "AIIIIEEEE!"

Frame 39:
Kassells men cannot contain there sick sense of humour with guffaws of laughter , Kassells himself seems amused and allows himself a rare sly smile .
Barons Brigade:"HAHAHAHAHA!"

Frame 40:
Almost the same panel except the expressions have changed from glee to shock on left hand side of Frame one of Kassells men is shot in the head  to the right hand of panel another is shot throgh the heart. Kassells barks a command..
LT Kassells:"Snipers!"

Frame 41:
Up on the hillside  both Mann and Chong brandish Lee Enfields with Sniper Scopes .

Captain Mann:"That leaves just four of them .. the officers mine!"

Frame 42:
Kassells and his remaining men  have hit the dirt , blood red is an easy target for sniperscopes ...but the young Lieutenant ever a tactician uses this to his advantage ..
Lt Kassells" Draw there fire I'll activate the timers"
Frame 43:
Mann has Kassells in his crosshairs
Mann:"So long Mad Man!"
Page 9:
Frame 44:
The GI with the goggles and Seargent stripes  leaps in front of Kassells view recieving the bullet intended for the officer  the bullet goes through his shoulder..

Goggle GI:"there's the flashpoint AKKK!"

Frame 45:
Kassells runs from where the wounded man(who has bought him a chance to escape) as he does so he produces a walkie talkie
as he moves away from the sniper fire as Chong has a shot..but a moving target is harder to hit the wounded soldier yells after Kassells

Goggle GI SGT:"Hey Boss it's not too bad need a hand"

LT Kassells: "There's no time Seargent!'

Frame 46:
Kassells points walkie talkie in directions of one of the big guns

LT Kassells:"Must test the remote explosive device I've constructed"
Frame 47: There is an almighty explosion as the cannons are destroyed by Kassells primitive  homemade remote control mines.
Frame 48:
Mann and Chongs silouette appear through the smokey haze created by the aftermath of the explosion
Captain Mann:"Shit we've lost him!"

Chong: "He might still be down there ?"

Page 10:
Frame 49:

Chong and Mann descend down the hill

Captain Mann:"Nobody could surive that blast"

Goggled GI SGT:"That's where your wrong!"
Frame 50:
Beneath a big sheet of metal armour plating The Seargent that Mann shot prior to the explosion lies trapped the devastation is plain to see around the bombsite
Captain Mann "Chong help me move shift that metal .. unlike this mans C.O we take prisoners"

Frame 51:
Walter Mann:(lettering)
We returned the prisoner eventually but Kassell's dropped off the radar whether he perished in explosion or whether he was still at large ...

Kassells midflight leaping fom hill as explosion goes off, helmet flying off to reveal his jet black hair

Frame 52:
Back in the briefing room on the U.S.S Valiance  Walter Mann rounds off his story
Walter Mann:"That's the last I heard of Kassells and his bloody brigade , but that symbol did bring back memorys

Frame 53:
Mick(Anzac) poses a question ..
"Well I can see why you bushwacked us General whoevers behind this is a raving lunatic with sophisticated weaponary"

Frame 54:
The Wooly hatted Commando  joins in the debate
T.N.T(The English Commando)"So why is this an undercover operation .. can't the Taiwichu government ask for UN aid?"

fRAME 55:Rosseau hands on belt , answers the Commando's question

General Rosseau:"You may over noticed over the last 20 years or so that we're not as popular as I we'd like to be in Asia , with The V.C and Khymer Rouge gathering support in the Taiwichu  region after these events.. I'd hazzard a guess these Red Bastards are trying to stich up The U.S"

Frame 55:
The pilot interjects
Jetboy:( Pilot) "They have access to napalm and aircraft , they'd be likely to have chemical weapons too"
Page 11:
Frame 56:
Back view of the six men as Rosseau rounds off his breifing

General Rosseau:"Which is precisely why we had you headhunted to form a rapid action team to counteract this new threat before it escalates "

Frame 57:
T.N.T(The British Commando)Anzac (Mick) Chong, Mann ,Jetboy(The Pilot )and Green Light (The American Para) heads and shoulders

General Rosseau:"For This Operation you have all been given Codenames"

Speech below  each character..
Rosseau "Anzac"
Rosseau: "Revere"
Rosseau:"and Green Light"

Frame 58: Interior shot of aircraft the newly assigned men are about to leap fom plane

General Rosseau:"You will be flown over the Tawachi Jungle and dropped in teams of two to locate the enemies airstrip "

Frame 59:"Anzac" and "T.N.T" leap from the plane doors

General Rosseau "Once located you will radio the rest of the team to begin stage two and the final objective"
Frame 60:
A metal container with a parachute floats downwards towards the jungle two parachutists appear below it
General Rosseau : "In order to destroy any aircraft and secure the airstrip we have deployed special weaponary , you will find it sufficent for the job at hand.."

Page 12:
Frame 61/62/63
Three Panels all split equal sized featuring the 3 duos Anzac and T.N.T cutting there way through jungle, Mann and Chong prowling the forrest m16's at the ready and Jetboy and Greenlight at the entrance of the metal box that was dropped along with the troops .

General Rosseau "Godspeed and Good Luck Gentlemen"

Frame 64:

Both Green Light and Jetboy stare inside the steel box to find a small vehicle enclosed , in fact a prototype vehcile  familiar to any Action Man fans from the 1970's the all Terrain Pursuit craft .In its car form  the wings are unattached at this time

Green Light:"Get a load of this..are those wings?"

Jetboy:"Looks like it , guess that's why I'm here"

Frame 65:
Anzac and T.N.T wade through a swamp as they do the two chat

T.N.T:"No rest for the wicked eh Anzac?"

Anzac:"Less of the superhero name Pommie  the names Mick!.."

Frame 66:

Anzac comes to a halt mid swamp and produces some binoculars  he gestures to the Commanndo to hold up a second with his free hand..

Anzac:"Hold your horses Tonto , what is that?!?"

Page 13:
Frame 67:
We get a view through Mick's field glasses of a stopped Shadowtrak  the driver is still at the wheel his gunner is patrolling the area..
Anzac:"Space Aliens Bruce! bloody Martians!"

Frame 68:

Chong and Mann venture through a burnt out village perhaps the very same on in the film footage the remains of charred victims humans and cows are plain to see , both veterans are disgusted..

Mann:"Napalm! what a dirty way to fight a war"
Chong:"These were just farmers , you don't think the US would attack a neutral country?"

Frame 69:
Mann teeth gritted smoke smouldering behind him.

Mann:"Whoever did this we'll make them pay!"

Frame 70: Suddenly Chong rugby tackles Mann to the ground as a shot rings out of nowhere
Chong:"Get Down Sniper!"

Frame 71:
Both Mann and Chong face down on the charred earth rear view there's a small hut in the distance ..

Mann:"Did you catch a flash of light ?"
Chong:"Yes from that hut over there"

Frame 72: Mann hurls a smoke grenade towards the hut..

Mann:"Lets smoke the S.O.B out then!"

Page 14:
Frame 73:
Smoke cannister lands relatively close to the hut a long muzzle pokes out of it's makeshift window .Just a hint of smoke escapes from the capsule for now.

Frame 74:
As the smoke rises , so do Mann and Chong as they charge towards the small stone shack the sniper is firing wide and wildly


Frame 75: view from hut the smoke has clouded the snipers sight but he fires none the less  although you can make out vaguely Chongs shadow to the left and Manns shadow to the right.

Frame 76:
The Sniper attempts to reload his rifle within the shack , teeth gritted , he is a local villager with a bandanna wrapped around his head , not unlike a member of the NVA .. you can just make out the outline of Manns head he's reached the the back door of the hut..

Frame 77:
Chong swings a karate chop to the gunmans neck  as the smoke smothers thehut he's made it inside before Mann

Chong:"That's enough Pal!"
Sniper: "Acckk!"

Frame 78: The sniper comes around to find Walter Mann with M16 pointed directly at him
Mann:"OK kid you've got some explaining to do!"

Page 15:
Frame 79:
A Red Shadow with a light attached to his AK47 Searchs through the dark jungle..

Frame 80:
He suddenly flies backwards as if he's been shot in the chest

Frame 81:
Anzac stands above the dead Shadow with a smoking silencer in hand
Anzac:"Sorry Cobber no idea who you are but it's either you or me"

Frame 82: The Shadowtrak driver tries to radio his comrade Daggers hand is visable
Red Shadow:"Scathe! come in Scathe I think I heard something "

Frame 83: T.N.T climbs behind the Shadow and slits his throat .

Frame 84:

Anzac drags the now dead Red Scathe towards the Shadowtrak which T.N.T stands upon.

Anzac:"Well there not aliens then"

Frame 85: Anzac is now trying on the Red Shadows helmet (placing his trademark hat on top of it) Dagger smirks

Anzac:"Hey I can see for miles in this brainbucket!"

Frame 86:
A Dark haired woman appears on the Shadowtrak monitor all of a sudden .. The leader of Skull Squadron Black Widow ,side view of Anzac  with Helmet still on
Black Widow: "Wraith ? Scathe? report in "
Page 16:
Frame 87:
Back view of Black Widow standing by a huge monitor other Red Shadows are either standing around guarding or operating the huge big 1970's style super computers.The helmeted Anzac appears on the big computer screen .
Anzac:"Errm yes err right away Mamm!"

Frame 88:
A Red Shadow reports to Widow who seems suspicious of the Shadowtrak driver.

Red Shadow: " The Baron's online now Squadron Leader "
Black Widow:"Very well, ..what a strange shadow?"

Frame 89:
Baron Ironblood appears on another big screen Black Widow is Dwarved by his image.
Baron Ironblood: "Black Widow how is Excerise Turncoat  progessing?"

Black Widow:"Still Quiet Baron  all though I get a feeling things will liven up soon!"

Frame 90:
A Lockheed SR-71 Spyplane better known as The Blackbird (except it's blood red and bares The Red Shadow Skull and Cross bones and strange Russian writing )caught between the earth's atmosphere  and space
Baron Ironblood"I expect prisoners by the time I arrive, If this enterprise is to succeed it'll be much needed boost to the movement"

Frame 91:

Black Widow appears on The Barons Monitor screen side view of the Baron.

Black Widow:"It Will be done Baron"

Baron Ironblood:"You have two hours Squadron Leader"

Frame 92:
Aboard the Shadowtrak Anzac (now fully dressed as a Red Shadow ) and halfway dressed as a Shad plot a plan
T.N.T:"We can easilly infiltrate there base in thes uniforms"
Anzac:" If that Shelia's my C.O I'm all for reporting in probo mate .. where do we report? "

Page 17:

Frame 93:
Flying just above the treetops The Pursuit Craft is now Airboune , Jetboy pilots the craft whilst Green Light clutches on for dear life (he's wearing a spare parachute just in case)
Jetboy"Just hope this babies radar proof "
Green Light:"At this low altitude we'll be fine touch wood"
Frame 94:
The Pursuit craft tilts it's wings to avoid a large branch
Jetboy:"wooah Be careful what you wish for ..where you from soldier?"
Green Light:"Seattle I actually jumped with Hendrix back in training"

Frame 95:
Side view of Jetboy he's caught view of a large strip of land with strange red objects(Red Ravens)  parked along the lanes

Jetboy:"Far Out! The names Blackie by the way .. shit!"

Frame 96:
The Pursuit Craft rises poor Green Light is almost thrown off by the force of the swerve

Green Light:"Whats Up?"

Jetboy:"I think I've found the target.. we better radio the others"

Frame 97:

Mann ,Chong and a group of armed locals are marching through the jungle , Mann answers his walkie talky
Mann: "Revere responding , made contact with local guerilla fighters at war with these red bastards what's your status"

Jetboy:"We've located airstrip we'll fire a flare when we get closer to it"

Frame 98:

Mann almost smiles , he know's this is a day the villagers have been waiting for

Mann:" These boys are baying for blood create a distraction and we'll do the rest"
Page 18:
Frame 99:
The Shadowtrak drives through a dirt road both Anzac and T.N.T are now fully Shadowed up
Jetboy:"What's your status boy's? We've located airstrip we'll give you a signal"

Anzac:"Sorry guy's we're ahead of you .."

Frame 100:  

The Shadowtrak is now a few meters away from a checkpoint manned by a Red Shadow

Anzac:"Catch you later when the fireworks go off entering destination now"

Frame 101:
The checkpoint gate rises and the Shadowtrak passes through as routine

Frame 102:

Black Widow appears from an aircraft hanger and gestures to some Red Shadows as the Shadowtrak passes by
T.N.T:"Play it by ear Mick you don't want to give yourself away to these red clowns"
Black Widow:"Shadows stop that Shadowtrak"

Frame 103:
Anzac bring the vehcile to a halt as two Red Shadows stand in it's path Widow stands in the distance
Red Shadow:"Halt"
Black Widow:"Scathe and Wraith with me  now"

Frame 104:
The two disguised Shadows follow the female pilot
Black Widow:"Double time Shadows!"
Anzac:(whispered) "Struth her ladyship here a right bossy boots"

Page 19:
Frame 103:
The Pursuit craft  flies lower trying to avoid the watchtowers
Jetboy:"I'll drop you around here shoot off a flare cut through the wire get to safety"

Frame 104: Black Widow, is now in the big Computer room with Anzac and Dagger the room is also filled with Geniune Red Shadows , Mick's body language would be a dead giveaway on the huge computer Screen appears Ironblood

Baron Ironblood:"Prepare the landing strip I will soon be in your presence, how does Excercise Turncoat fare"
Black Widow:"Very well we have two prisoners already more will follow"

Frame 105:
Black Widow smiles she is in control of the situation her master will be most pleased with her progress .. The disguised Anzac and T.N.T gawp at each other in disbelief when they hear a name The Baron utters
Baron Ironblood"This is welcome news General Rosseau remains an excellent recruiting Seargent to the cause "

Frame 106: The two faux shadows are grabbed from behind by real shadows guns pointed at there backs Black Widow yelps an order..

Black Widow:"Seize the Imposters!"

Frame 107:The true Red Shadows remove the Australian and Englishmans masks The huge image of the  Baron points his pale blue eyes mad with power

Baron Ironblood:"You've done well to penetrate my defenses Major Maloney and Sapper Reid , you will be rewarded well within my  organisation "
Anzac:"Rack Off Ned Kelly !"

Frame 108:
close up of Barons eyes on screen
Baron Ironblood"Mock me now Australian, but within time you will learn total devotion and with that will come obidence from my Shadows, you're not even wanted at home you're own people disown you but with us your skills will be rewarded"
Page 20:
Frame 109:
Anzac is now very pissed off with the Baron, his words stung but he's defiant..even with Widows machine pistol to his head..

Anzac:"Listen Tinhead the Jungle is my home why think I spent 20 years in it.. and sure I've done bad things some would say evil things , but only because I'd thought they'd bring about good"

Frame 110:
As Anzac protests T.N.T allows himself a wry smile he's on another page to everyone else in the room.
Anzac:"I may be a mercenary but I'm fussy about my clients bucketman"
T.N.T"Incidentally Gentlemen , the chariot we rode in on.."

Frame 111:
The Shadowtrak explodes as it explodes it set's off chain reaction with fuel barrels
Frame: 112:
Anzac disarms Widow as the explosion goes off , knocking the machine pistol out of her hand by grabing her wrist T.N.T shoulder barges Red Shadow , from the T.V screen the Baron yells

Baron Ironblood:"Don't Kill them I want them alive!"

Frame 113:
The Pursuit Craft has been spotted a Shadow opens fire with his Ak47

Jetboy:"We'll need to touchdown lets see what this thing can do"

Frame 114: The Pursuit craft hits the tarmac Greenlight  lets loose a blast from his Greaser gun knocking out a few Shadows as he does

Green Light:"Scuse me Blackie..."

Frame: 115:
Greenlight leaps off the speeding vehicle onto the landing strip still firing taking out more of The Baron's soldiers as he does

Green Light:"Time to light this place up"

Page 21:

Frame 116:
The Pursuit vehicle  loses it's wings as it speeds by the wings fly off backwards. In the distance Green Light  shoots off a flare into the sky as a group of Red Shadows descend on him.

Frame 117:
Mann, Chong and The Guerilas catch sight of the flare in the sky
Mann: "That's the signal advance and we'll take it from there"

Frame 118:
Green Light shoots off another flare past the Shadows towards some fuel barrels close by to a Raven Aircraft

Frame 119: The Explosion is immense and destroys the aicraft and a group of Shadows nearby

Frame 120: The Pursuit Vehcile is been pursued  itself by a Shadowtrak the wings that have been jettisoned hurtle towards it's path .

Frame 121: The Shadotrak slams into the wings throwing it's occupant flying from the back

Jetboy:"Just wish this thing had wing mirrors"

Page 22:
Frame 122:
In the computer room Anzac and T.N.T are giving a hell of a fight using the huge computer towers as cover in the distance on the Large computer screen The Baron watches and marvels at the two mens fighting abilities as the  red shadow body count piles up
Baron Ironblood:"Magnifciant!"

Frame 123:

Behind another computer tower Black Widow ponders her next move to two Red Shadowswho are pinned down by  gunfire

Black Widow: "Cover Me, I must get out there they are destroying my planes "

Frame 124: The Two Shadows obey the order as the sheild her with automactic fire from there duel Kalashnikovs , Black Widow makes a speedy retreat to the exit door

Frame 125:
As TNT makes an attempt to chase after her he is cut down in a hail of bullets

Frame 126: Anzac reacts swiftly fast bowling a Red Shadows stick grenade (with such force it breaks out of the panel borders -to give it a more 3d effect)
Anzac:"Flamin' Mongrols!"
Frame 126:
the grenade goes signified by orange/yellow  light in the background. Anzac holds the dead Commando in his arms and say's
Anzac:"R.I.P T.N.T!"

Page 23:

Frame 127:

Out on the Airstrip things are really hotting up The Guerillas have arrived ,Shadows  are raked down by there gunfire battle has really commenced , Widow runs to her plane, different to the other aircraft as it's painted black her red shadow co pilot signals to her
Black Widow :"Take to the skies it's our only chance for counter attack"

Frame 128: Up in a tree the sniper that Mann encounted earlier in the burnt out village takes aim Chong guides him as he does so

Chong: "Take out the pilots , they are the greatest threat"

Frame 129: The Black Widow(now with flight helmet)is in her cockpit  but her  co pilot I shot through the head before the plane windows closes

Black Widow: "Noo!"

Frame 130: The Black Widows Raven leaves the  vertical take off  Mann opens up on the aircraft but have no effect on the heavilly armoured plane..

Mann :"We've got to destroy all the planes or they'll raise hell"

Frame 131:

A Villager fires a rocket launcer at a grounded plane  destroying it and its crew as he does

Frame 132:
The Widows Raven is Airborne and Fires  two Napalm Missles downwards towards the fighting

Black Widow:"Burn!"

Frame 133:
Green Light and some Gurillas faces are illuminated by the firey streaks that head directly for them.

Page 24:
Frame  134:

They burst into sticky fire as the napalm hit's its target
Green Light :"NIIIEEEEE!!!"

Frame 135:
The Raven is about to begin it's second attack run , but she is stopped by the voice of the Baron on her Radio

Baron Ironblood:"Return to Valiance , you're too valuable to lose"

Black Widow:"What?!?"

Baron Ironblood "That's an order!"

Frame 136:

Jetboy climbs up onto a Red Raven  and yells down to Mann  

Jetboy:"That black planes getting away, we owe it to Green Light"

Mann:"I'm with you there "

Frame 137:  The Red Raven  lifts off the ground

Jetboy:"Stap in Mann this is going to be a wild ride"

Frame 138:Hidden high up  in the clouds the Redbird is in midflight

Baron Ironblood"Seargent Rosseau Excercise
Turncoat was a resounding failure .. do you have anything to add before you're executed"

Frame 139:

The "General" appears on The Baron'video screen in the Redbirds cockpits side view ofThe Baron and the Planes pilot Red Laser

General Rosseau:"The men I press ganged were fantastic soldiers Baron , what can I say , But we can counter attack I have planes at the ready "
Page 25:
Frame 140:

Front view of Redbird as it travels at supersonic speed

Baron Ironblood"No I wanted to test these men in combat , capture and then reprogramme them , not destroy them , you can grovel to Black Widow when she arrives for your termination .."
Frame 141:
The Airfield , now captured all planes destroyed , no red shadow prisoners (it's not in there protocol) Chong and Anzac walk through the ruins..
Anzac:"You know that General was a phoney right? This whole thing was a charade"
Chong" We went out here to help these people not Generals real or unreal console yourself with that thought "

Frame 142: closer up to the two men conversing
Anzac:"Well all these dead people are all too real"

Chong:"C'mon Aussie let's go home"

Frame 143: Shot of Chong and Anzac walking out into the Jungle leaving the villagers to start again

Anzac "Home? you must be not the full quid mate I've always wanted to visit The Amazon , been a jungle junkie and all"

Frame 144:
The Red Raven pursues the Black Raven  across the China Sea's The USS Valient is also visable as the black Raven heads for the aircraft carrier

Jetboy:"What's this looks like enemies surrendering "

Mann: That's the USS Valient alright!"
Frame 145:

On the Bridge "General" Rosseau speaks with Seargent Moorcock

General Rosseau :That's Black Widow , allow her to land then we'll kill her before she gets the chance .. blast the other plane out of the sky"

Frame 146:

As the Black Raven lands  on deck navy gunners open Fire on Jetboy and Mann

Jetboy:"Holy Shit we're under attack! "

Page 26:
Frame 147:
The Red Raven comes under heavy fire Jetboy skillfully avoids the barrage

Mann:"Fire on the Bridge Pilot!"

Jetboy:"What ? those are our boys"

Frame 148:
The Red Raven makes a direct attack on the bridge firing napalm shells

Mann: "Do It!"

Frame 149: Rosseau  burns as do his sunglasses , very Raiders of the lost ark influenced panel Moorcock is also caught in the blast

General Rosseau:"Aiiiieeee!:"

Frame 150:
Black Widow has now left her plane and barks at the sailors .. ABOVE THE rED rAVEN SWERVES AWay from the aircraft carrier

Black Widow:"Rosseau has been relieved of his command Shadows you wil answer to me now!"

Frame: 151:
In the cockpit of the Red Raven Jetboy and Mann  argue.

Jetboy:"Wonderful Now I'm a fugitive just like you thanks a billion!"

Mann:"Rosseau wasn't a real General ..too sloppy, We've met before long Korea"

Frame 152:

The Red Raven flies off into the sunset as Dusk begins back view of plane

Mann:"He was the Seargent Chong and I  let live whilst hunting Kassells, I put 2+2 together in the jungle, so  you done good son"

Jetboy:"Well whoever those red creeps are I hope we've seen the last of them!"

Next Issue: "The New York Conversation"
Script for a comic I will be drawing , I'll tidy script up (spelling etc,,in a few day's I'll paint front cover first and submit it properly along with that)
FuzzChile Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
Cool , I'll try a knock up a mock cover over the week btw and then post on forum if you can get a copy of Fighting Mann it's first few episodes are in The Best of Battle book , In my opinion the best (and at the time only comic strip about the Vietnam War, but I may be wrong , it came out around 1979) drawn by Cam Kennedy who is probably best known for Dark Empire the Star Wars comic .. I'll be tie-in a few British created comic characters into story in future episodes so there's a Battle picture weekly connection.with the formation of Action Force.
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loving it!!!
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